Handicraft Quality

Creativity and
Professional Skills

All our sofas, armchairs and the wide range of furnishings are the result of the creativity and competence of our craftsmen, tailors and designers who have worked for over twenty years with constant passion to serve our customers.
Experience and quality gained through the years allow excellence and customized flexibility to every item.

Customized sofas

We design and manufacture
customized sofas

We can make your home furniture more efficient and pleasant.
This service allows our customers to have at home products with unique design and size.

Made in Italy

Quality is our Mission
‘Made in Italy’ is our power

Maximum attention to every detail, continuous research, excellence of Italian craftsmanship and tradition are the basis of those results that allow us to make the difference in design and manufacturing of furniture products. Comfort and relax depend on these soft furnishings, available in fabric or real leather, with a wide variety of textures and design.

Salotti Italia Group vi invita al suo nuovo Showroom.
160 m^2 di esposizioni situati accanto alla propria azienda.
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